The track record of film Director, Writer and Producer

Carl Medland (BA) has directed three award winning feature films, "The Spiritualist" ,  "The Cost of Love" and "The Adored". All films secured a USA sales agent distributing  in France, Taiwan, USA, Australia, Canada, Poland and the UK. 

His debut award winning feature "The Cost of love" which he wrote, directed and produced went straight in at number one on the Amazon Gay and Lesbian DVD film charts, played to sold out audiences in cinemas, currently streams online across many platforms, sells on DVD, and has aired on pay-tv.


His second award winning feature film, "The Adored" which he directed and produced also streams online across many platforms, and sells on DVD.

His third award winning feature film The Spiritualist which he wrote and directed for My Production has secured distribution in the USA and as playing at various festivals before launching on various platforms.

Carl was on the jury at the 2011 Iris Film Festival and the 2012 Durban gay and lesbian film festival. Carl actively tours with his films on the festival circuit as he loves to engage with the audience in the Q and A sessions. He is passionate about the impact his films have on the audience and how his films enter dialogue with them. His experience with international film markets and festivals has given him an understanding and love for world cinema.

what qualities make you stand out in your specific discipline?

"I'm excited, curious and sensitive when challenging viewers common beliefs and complacencies my films must be relevant for the world we inhabit. Whilst exploring delicate social issues, my voice/direction in film is honest and compassionate. Film gives me the platform to enable viewers to look at the world differently, entertaining them whilst shifting mind-sets and attitudes. Performance authenticity is key as well as understanding when to remain unbiased, I put the viewer and their journey at the heart of everything I do. I don't make patronising films; I treat viewers with intelligence urging them to be active when viewing my work".