"Carl's work has been a pivotal part of the success of the Expedia Pioneer project, he was able to take our project and create one of the most inspirational films Expedia has ever delivered, his ideas, resourcefulness and commitment to the project allowed us to concentrate on other areas while knowing that the project was in excellent hands.The results speak for themselves with more than a 100,000 plays in Youtube and Vimeo of a video that has been shared more than 8,000 times"

Director of SEO in Expedia EMEA & Global Operations Jose Truchado


Rolo wanted a commercial that had tease, charm and would engage with a new audience. Carl's commercial was shortlisted for the Cannes Mofilm competition.



Runner up at mofilm Barcelona. This commercial for the Chevrolet spark car uses lifestyle and creative influence as the selling focus, dreamy filming creates an idyllic companionship between car and person making it seamlessly fit into the everyday, reinforced by calm narration and the need to get away.


"We selected Carl to direct and produce our promotional film for our training venues as we knew of his previous feature films and how he engaged with his audience. He delivered high production values on a moderate budget, and his creative ideas were original and impactful"

Caroline Bull, Manager CCT Venues.



Carl directed the promotional trailer to his feature film The Spiritualist, it was instrumental in  the film securing a USA sales agent.  the trailer set the tone, pace and suspense  of the film without giving any spoilers.





Carl directed the promotional trailer for his award winning film The Adored helping to secure distribution on both sides of the pond , they were so impressed with his  trailer they also used it to promote the film to the GLBT community film audience.    

THE COST OF LOVE                


Carl directed the promotional trailer for his award winning film The Cost of Love,  the trailer went viral with over 5 million views online within the first year , and  helped secure distribution  for the film in eight different territories around the globe.  the distributors normally cut their own trailer but kept carl's version as it  blends comedy with the drama of the film entering dialog with its intended gay and lesbian audience  



Carl directed this promo music video to accompany  his award winning film The Adored.

working along side welsh Musician Peach the lyrics and  music were created especially for  the movie The Adored.



Carl directed this  music video to accompany the song "For Today im a Boy" by Anthony and the Johnsons , the music videp won best music video at The End Of The Pier International Film Festival 2007 


I directed this film for Tesco, they came to me once they had refreshed their values they wanted an engaging and inspirational way to share their values both internally and externally.